A Standard Six Pack Routine

Balance six packHere is a standard six pack abs routine that you can do in order to get great six pack abs or what some people would call as the washboard stomach.


Dieting is a very important part of a six pack abs training program. Dieting ensures that you no longer will accumulate belly fat. Dieting also ensures that you have all the necessary nutrients in your body that can help in developing your abdominal muscles. It is very important that you stick to your diet if you want to get the six pack abs that you want.


Before you can get six pack abs, you really need to lose your belly fat first. This will ensure that your abdominal muscles will appear well defined on your stomach's skin. Cardio exercises like running, aerobics or biking can burn down the fat in your belly to make it easier for you to get your abs. An intensive cardio training can really help in burning away the fat deposits in your body.


This is the go to exercise if you want to get six pack abs. You can start with doing at least two to three sets of ten to twelve repetitions every day and gradually work things up until you are able to do a hundred crunches at a time.


Stretching is also a big part of a standard six pack abs routine. Stretching guarantees that your abdominal muscles are taut and flexible. It also ensures that you will be safe during the exercise routine.


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